About Me

I am a friendly, enthusiastic and experienced Mathematics tutor who has been living in Lancaster since 2001. I am passionate about Mathematics and have a wide range of experience, having taught students from the ages of 11 to 75!

Education & Experience

I completed a degree in Astrophysics (1992) and then obtained a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (1993) - specialising in Mathematics. Since then, I have gained a wide range of experience teaching in Secondary Schools, Colleges of Further Education and Private Tutoring. I have taught GCSE and 'A' level Mathematics along with Mathematics for BTEC Electrical Engineering and BSc Mechanical Engineering. I worked for many years as an Open College Lecturer working with adults returning to Mathematics after a significant break from education.


My approach to teaching is to focus on the individual learning needs of the student. I aim to find an approach which works for them, building up confidence in a tailored way. Some students may just need guidance and support within specific areas while others may need a more structured programme addressing a wider range of skills. I like to work in partnership with students - establishing their skill set and then defining learning goals so we can work towards the desired outcomes. I am very approachable and have always aimed to build up the confidence of students - this is particularly important as Mathematics is often a subject in which students may have had a bad experience previously. I believe this approach has been of great value to the many successful students I have taught.

I tend to work with a relatively small number of students at a given time so I can focus on their learning needs. The majority of my students come to me via 'word of mouth' and not through agencies. I don't do tutoring as an additional source of income - this is my full-time job. What you will get from me is a committed, experienced teacher who is focussed on helping each student to achieve the best results they are capable of and hopefully, add a little fun into the learning process!